Discourse of Thrones: Jaime, Cersei, and Confronting Rape

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Discourse of Thrones: Jaime, Cersei, and Confronting Rape

April 21st, 2014

When I wrote my review of “Breaker of Chains” on Sunday afternoon, I certainly knew that the scene between Jaime and Cersei at the Sept of Baelor would cause a conversation.

This is both because of the fact that it signals a departure from how the scene plays out in the books and the fact that it features a character that has become a more inherently likeable character in the series committing an absolutely vile, unforgivable act. On the whole, though, I thought the scene played in the same thematic territory as its literary progenitor, such that any conversation would be more about the impact on—rather than destruction of—the characters in question. I did not imagine the scenario we’ve arrived to, in which the scene is causing a considerable and often ugly debate (provided one makes the mistakes of…

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I know no one cares but I’ve been alright, well as well as I can be lool. Been through some … Can I even say relationship drama no more like feelings got involved in a simple situation which has just fizzled into bullshit but I digress, I have exams in a few weeks so I’ve been busy with that and I’ve decided to get back to my roots even though I’m doing computer science my first love was always English and finding my old essays made me tearful cause I dunno it’s amazing how different my life was in comparison to A-Levels however after my exams finish I’m excited to be getting back into my writing. Not even going to lie I’m more William Blake than Shakespeare I prefer what I’m thinking and feeling over what people need to hear and I will always question myself not cause I don’t trust my judgement but I like my argument to be complete. So yeah lool watch this space


Well I’m going to give you an intro but I doubt you’ll learn much about who I am personally but it should give you an idea of who I am and what I stand for
Here it goes
I’m male but that’s a bit questionable sometimes due to the fact that I have very gay moments due to but apart from that I’m very manly trust me 😉
I’m very cynical but almost manage to remain an optimist
My sarcasm is often mistaken for me actually caring
When I say something’s cute 9/10 I mean it’s bullshit
I’m a good/great cook and once I get a good camera I’ll start posting some of the things I make
I love writing which is why I made this blog
I’m very lazy so I won’t lie me updating this May be a bit sketchy but meh what can I do
I shall be using this as my way of expressing my feelings (as gay as it sounds) and showing some of my writing in forms of essays, poetry and just general self discussions which have been on my mind ( Now i’ve also added a sex portion to my original stuff)
That’s all for now but if I must be called something call me TJ