Hi this is a weird way to start a blog but the topic has just been spinning in my head for the longest anyway. But let me start with this I believe the PRACTICED forms of feminism are absolute bullshit and the term needs to be revised before people run screaming the phrases while having no clue what they are talking about.

noun the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

For those of you who like me who did English Literature know there so much to be gain from this than just equality between sexes but even the simplest of individuals struggle with the most basic meaning of this which is that the sexes should be equal not women over men, not women apart from men but equal. The fact that so many have taken this and created oppression and so much legislation that a simple complement between a female and male can be seen as sexual harassment; a male offering to pay for dinner is oppression. So many things that in all honesty is not an attack on anyone (due to the fact that men aren’t as complicated as they are perceived), we may not even know we’re doing it that’s how bad it is.

Free Bleeding (http://modernwomandigest.com/disturbing-new-feminist-trend-free-bleeding/) this phrase makes my balls itch due to the actual disgust the practice makes me feel. As a man with 5 sisters I know a lot about periods and one thing I know for sure as soon that blood leaves the vagina and hits air it stinks!! So the fact that women are just bleeding with no care for their personal hygiene or comfort of others baffles me and all because tampons and pads are “man made tools of oppression” nah sorry fuck that. it just confuses me to no end and takes me back to my main argument that feminism sometimes is bullshit not even feminism but some of the ways it’s practiced piss me off. Free bleeding kè, I have a lot of feelings and the way I’ve started sounds very anti feminist but I’m not equality and liberation is what pops into my head when I think about feminism not burning bras, not hating men, not not shaving, not being apart from men and so many other things that people who assume they are feminist seem to cling on to in their shouts of “I’m a feminist hear me roar”

I have a lot of feels about topics such as feminism and I’ve literally spent 2 weeks on this and it may not seem like this due to its length or disjoint nature but I shall be revisiting it over the course of how ever long I have this blog but yeah I’m done for now