I know no one cares but I’ve been alright, well as well as I can be lool. Been through some … Can I even say relationship drama no more like feelings got involved in a simple situation which has just fizzled into bullshit but I digress, I have exams in a few weeks so I’ve been busy with that and I’ve decided to get back to my roots even though I’m doing computer science my first love was always English and finding my old essays made me tearful cause I dunno it’s amazing how different my life was in comparison to A-Levels however after my exams finish I’m excited to be getting back into my writing. Not even going to lie I’m more William Blake than Shakespeare I prefer what I’m thinking and feeling over what people need to hear and I will always question myself not cause I don’t trust my judgement but I like my argument to be complete. So yeah lool watch this space


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