Well I’m going to give you an intro but I doubt you’ll learn much about who I am personally but it should give you an idea of who I am and what I stand for
Here it goes
I’m male but that’s a bit questionable sometimes due to the fact that I have very gay moments due to but apart from that I’m very manly trust me 😉
I’m very cynical but almost manage to remain an optimist
My sarcasm is often mistaken for me actually caring
When I say something’s cute 9/10 I mean it’s bullshit
I’m a good/great cook and once I get a good camera I’ll start posting some of the things I make
I love writing which is why I made this blog
I’m very lazy so I won’t lie me updating this May be a bit sketchy but meh what can I do
I shall be using this as my way of expressing my feelings (as gay as it sounds) and showing some of my writing in forms of essays, poetry and just general self discussions which have been on my mind ( Now i’ve also added a sex portion to my original stuff)
That’s all for now but if I must be called something call me TJ


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